BPOS SharePoint

NOTE: This is a repost from my original blog while on civilian deployment at the United States Forces – Iraq Headquarters and Command in support of Operation New Dawn.

I was surprised to learn the other day, that the online version of SharePoint currently part of Microsoft Online Services (MOS) Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)  is fairly limited in functionality and customization.  Granted, BPOS is cloud based and provides platforms for messaging (Exchange) and collaboration (SharePoint) significantly cheaper than traditional solutions and related licensing.  With the potential to save businesses significant amounts of money, increase revenue for existing partners selling BPOS and even improve business operations and streamline processes;  is it fair to mention the limitations? 

Perhaps it isn’t even a question of fair or unfair, but more an in depth look at what the business really needs right now.  Part of requirements gathering is the ability to translate, “I want this, I want that, I want, I want, I want!” into, “You need this, you need that, you need, you need, you need”.  From a small business perspective this is ginormus, from a partner perspective it’s even ginormusorer.  SharePoint 2010, revolutionary in and of itself, will definitely change everything; and we should fully expect for the ginormusorer changes to extend out to BPOS.  For now, here’s the $15 for my seat; despite the limitations, it’s still one hell of a service that hopefully will lose it’s short-comings once it hits puberty.

Unsupported on BPOS SharePoint: 

  1.   Anonymous Users
  2.   User interface customization and enhancements
  3.   Server control
  4.   Customization and custom code deployment
  5.   Third party web part installation
  6.   Unlimited user account creation with no additional fees
  7.   Daily site backups
  8.   Custom domain names
  9.   Dedicated solution(s) for any number of users
  10.   Visual Studio based customization
  11.   Line of Business application integration
  12.   Corporate domain/AD user object


  1. Maximum Site Collection Size:  50GB
  2. Maximum Number of Site Collections: 20
  3. Document upload size limit:  250MB

Additional notables:

  1. Services are one for all and all for one

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-Bill Beehner